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I don't think the 'for life' bit will work, guys...

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Well, yeah.

Think about it: it'll work for the first few years, yes, but what happens once you reach fifty? Sixty? Seventy? You won't be able to hunt or farm or look after everything, especially if you're (sorry to put it like this) the last one standing.

And kids! It's likely they kids will come along, and when they do, they live out their lives with only a little internet and phone calls to the grand parents they've never met in person. And - if the whole thing falls apart - they have to integrate themselves into the modern world where people don't know how to skin a rabbit or how to read tracks. It would be imposable - they'd be so knowledgeable in eco-systems but they won't know social norms and imagine being thrown into secondary school after living a sheltered life?

So, I think for the summer would be better, maybe a year or two then coming back. And anyway, you won't seem as crazy if you do it like that. If you do it for summer you'd only have to rent land for a few weeks. And people might actually want to join you. Think about how many more people would be able to come along if it was during the summer? This would also give a chance for the wildlife and pants to grow back. And on that note - I think something like what the native Americans had going on was good - the tipi's. They could pack them up in ten minuets and carry them as far as they had too. If you have something like that then every one takes their own tent home, then bring it back next year.

You could bring dried meat from home. Who ever was closest to the destination brings something like chickens and you could slaughter one every week you where there, and dry the meat again.


This has been dealt with before, and I can't see why it wouldn't work.

Tsanten Eywa 'eveng:
Me too, ma tsmukan. I think also this will never work.

It's too bad, too bad :(

It's unlikely that I will join this. I found out about this 2 years ago, I considered to join it. But now it seems nothing will happen. Everything have stopped.

Seeing the inability to move on, it does start to become more difficult.

In such a situation, trying to concentrate the efforts on trying to restoring BlueMoon is a better idea now. But decisions and actions have to be taken now.

If only people are able to start accomplishing things that can help progressing, people would be interested again. This is why things should be decided. For this, meetings are required, even through the Internet.

The lack of time is a big issue for most people. But in a group discussion, it would be easier to discuss this kind of precise issues and to sort them out and move on.

Now I would be in favor of focusing on BlueMoon, and and getting things done, whatever these things are. And after a quick look, BlueMoon seems to have a better back-end and well structured docs and posts.

... No I don't give up that easily. I am just... Busy.  ;)

No, I don't think this lack of activity is a sign that the lifestyle won't work - only that people have lost interest. I could write longer on this, but when I wrote the last post here I was depressed, and now I'm busy, and - the link, the old thread, sais it all. ;)


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