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Started by Meuia te Stxeli Tstew'itan, September 22, 2010, 08:18:55 PM

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Meuia te Stxeli Tstew'itan

I've been doing barefoot running for a while and I recently discovered something that I would call life-changing. Literally the best shoes I've ever had. I've tried them and will probably never walk without them anymore. Have a look here: http://www.vibramfivefingers.com/
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I believe someone's already mentioned them before.  I'm planning on getting a pair of my own, soon.  :)  I'm a naturally barefoot-walking type of person.  Can't really stand shoes.  As soon as I get in the house, they get kicked into the corner.  So I'm hoping they really do feel as natural as people say they do.  The only reason I wear shoes at all is because I have to.  :P

Tuteyä amuiä 'itan

would really like 2 get a pair of these but there a little bit much for me price wise right now... plus i dont do nearly as much outdoor activity as i would like 2 do mostly b/c i dont have anyone 2 come with me

Meuia te Stxeli Tstew'itan

I actually use them as everyday shoes. I think the KSOs are the best for that kind of thing. But be ready though. If you buy those, people around you are going to ask questions ;)

Quote from: Tsteu'itan on September 22, 2010, 08:31:16 PM
I believe someone's already mentioned them before.

I've been off the forums for a while now but I don't really remember anything about it.
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That's pretty awesome. I need to pick up a couple pairs, too. ;D I'm an indoor barefooter too, and a pair of these will help me be outside, too. :)


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In a recent Popsci, there was an article on barefooters. Apparently you have less of a chance of infection from a barefoot injury, as well as a higher chance for a smaller injury.

I only wear shoes because I have to. :P
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Indoors; always barefoot. Outdoors; only in the garden, when it hasn't snowed ;)
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