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I am poping this topic up again to know if there are people who still have ideas or reactions, before I regroup all the information on the website.

For those who were sleeping during that time :

Taronyu Leleioae:
I've read through many of the real-Na'vi posts and I'm impressed with much of the thought and consideration going into this proposed project.  I do have a curiosity question though...

Obviously some or even much of the lifestyle will be significantly impacted by both the physical environment and seasonal temperatures.  But it's not clear to me what type of subsistence (meaning food based) culture the project is preferring.  From a Na'vi point of view and in simplest 'Rrta terms, the Na'vi culture is based on a hunter-gatherer system where there is significant resources to live from without depleting their "land". 

In many (but certainly not all) 'Rrta cultures, hunter-gather cultures gave way to agriculturally based ones (farming).  This can give a much more consistent food source but it is not without significant planning and management challenges.  One of which is that, pending on your farming conditions, it could take 1 acre and up to 66 acres to reliably produce enough food to support an individual.  (0.5 hectares = 1 acre approximately.)  This combined with raising farm animals such as chickens, pigs, goats... that can consume unusable food stuffs help supplement and add protein to a diet.  However..., it can take months if not years of work just preparing an environment (both to analyze the soil conditions as well as prepare it) for effective farming.  Plus needing 'Rrta animals or machinery to do so.  I have huge respect for farmers who have learned a challenging lifestyle so that the rest of us can benefit/survive outside of a direct agricultural environment.

Thus my curiosity... in what direction is the real-navi project(s) leaning towards?  Hunting game will take knowledge and local conditions understanding as well as processing game.  And you certainly don't want to over-hunt your area.  Farming takes a significant amount of time, knowledge, and planning to develop a productive resource.  Plus initial seed or plantings.  And will take months before anything can really be depended upon as a resource.

Or is the current line of thinking to be a hybrid where both local resources and imported (meaning purchased) will be utilized?  Thus delivery of such imported resources is being considered?  Another thing to consider is that significantly switching diets (from our spoiled and frequently unhealthy nutritional lifestyles) to a tribal one might be a topic on its own.  Perhaps create in the plan some sort of transition period so that tribe members aren't suddenly thrust into an alien environment to give themselves (and their insides) time to adapt.

In fairness, I'm new to the LN site and have never been part of the discussions.  But I've read a number of the topic threads and I'm just curious to learn what direction this lifestyle is leaning towards as this will significantly impact the primary role each person will be responsible for ("Oeyä txintìn lu fwa X Y."). 


I can in no way speak for the entire group as I don't know how much of this has been decided upon, but the idea I get is the same as with Blue Moon Tribe - mainly hunting-gathering, and some permaculture. But no raising animals (like pigs) for slaughter. (We could have chickens for eggs though, and over at Blue Moon we've talked about fish ponds, but I guess the latter counts as "raising animals for slaughter".)

And this is why I stress large pieces of land, because the more we're going to live off hunting-gathering, the more land we'll need.

Interesting post (not this forum) about hunting-gathering vs. agriculture: :)


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