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"Practice" tribe idea, please read!

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as much as i'd love to join this, but i can't afford the flight either - although the cheapest one way ticket would be "only" 540€ (~780 US$) and 630€ (~ 914 US$) for a round trip (with 14 days between the flights)...

Well 14 days between flights isn't too bad. Hell, maybe we could work it out! I don't even know yet when this will be planned, so you might have a chance to join anyways!

'Itan Atxur:
This is sounding pretty good. I really like the idea of starting easy and removing things over time. Cost is gonna be an issue though, and this is just for a camping trip. How are we ever gonna get actual land?

Sorry I've been so inactive, my lifemate and I were homeless for a while. My idea was for us all to try taking a car or two, or however many we need to fit everyone that might join, and pitch in for a camp site. Most sites charge about $25 per car per night, so if we condense and everyone could contribute, that might actually work.

I would love to do this but I think it would be to far away and I don't think my mom would let me go. :(


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