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"Practice" tribe idea, please read!

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So, I'm thinking it may be a good idea for us to find some camping places that will allow people for more than a few days, for me that will have to be somewhere near Reno. I would want to get quite a few people in on this, so we can get used to each other as tribe-mates and get used to the entire idea for at least two weeks.

I doubt we can find a place that will let us hunt, but we can still get used to many other things.

'Itan Atxur:
Count me in (at least for now :P). I'm hardly on a career path right now and so long as I could find a job, I'd be okay. I'm also considering EMT training so maybe I could do that wherever we decide.

I think I might add this topic to the tribe directory if unless other object/aren't interested.

 ;D ;D

-Itan Atxur

I think that would be great! Moving it there would get more people interested, I think.

I'm going to look a bit today, see if we can find anything in Nevada or nearby. Maybe in the middle of the U.S.

'Itan Atxur:
We've been talking about having some kind of meet up for a while now. I think we even had one somewhere in Europe (organized by Fnua Atxkxe), I could be wrong though. Originally the goal was to have it close to Awve Atan but seeing as to how thats likely a long way off, having a few meet ups before hand would be cool. Maybe we could even make it annual. Wish the rest of the members were around to give there opinions though.

I agree, and I was thinking that two weeks of camping would be nice, everyone bring food for everyone to share, similar to what we think we'll find out on our own. Like nuts, meat, flora. And I'm sure others will post later, or just lurk like losers. :P


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