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Project Anononia - something similar to the tribe

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Hang on a minute (been offline 2 days, sorry), are we talking about a meeting with anonia? 


--- Quote from: Letxuma Swizaw on October 02, 2010, 10:45:25 pm ---They are fun guys, Txonari and i talked to 'em for quite a while.
--- End quote ---

Aww, shucks. You're not so bad yourself.

'Itan Atxur:
There's no wi-fi at my work :(. I feel like I always have an excuse why I can't do these types of things (podcast, ect). I hope you all trust me. I wanna do things things but I can't!!

:D :D

-'Itan Atxur

I am playing archeologist here (or necrophile), digging up threads this old, but I was thinking about Anononia/New Wings/Whatsthename. I haven't seen anything from them in a long while, and it turns out they have changed their name yet again to "Freestead" or "Freesteading", and are heading for Argentina.


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