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While browsing through the web looking for some more details about geraldo island, i stumbled over a site caled Project Anononia
i just glanced through their site. but what i've read is that they seek to escape modern civilisation and establish a self-sustaining community. they try to establish a community which is more centered around individual freedom, i.e. every "anononian" gets a part of land to grow their food which they may barter with, or keep for themselves. [...] you have complete freedom up to the point of where someone else’s freedoms may be broken.[quoted from the site]

In my opinion it sounds pretty much like giving up only the money but keeping the common selfishness, but who am i to judge them? ;D

Geraldo island was one of their possible locations (that's why i stumbled over them), but they decided to locate on an island called 'French Island' in Argentina.
the interesting part is that thy are much further in planning and organisation as we are ATM. Perhaps we could ask them to lend us a hand, to share their knowledge with us.

here's some kind of report in PDF format, which could serve us as a base for the organisation of the dry run and we could also investigate about the other mentioned islands/locations later.
And here is the most up to date report, again as a PDF file

the only thing which worries me a bit is the fact that this project was brought into being on the 1st of April...


I feel especially humbled. This group has flown right past us! It seems that the way they went was to first, before anything else, decide on a location from a list of around 10. Once that is out of the way, the rest comes much quicker!

And they were after Geraldo as well. Great  minds think alike, so I think that they present a good opportunity to use their location research for our own purposes.

So, the similarities with us:
They too want to become self-sufficient;

Hmm. Actually, they are different in many ways too...
Individualistic view, rather than our communal idea;
Keep most modern tech/lifestyle;

I am just worried that a) they may have rushed through this; and b) they may be over-complicating things by demanding independence from any country. While that is a possibility for us, it might make the whole process far more difficult.

And so, Nantxe'lan, I would like to revive what was once a common currency back in the day. For your efforts, I hearby award you with your first Karma Kookie!
Keep up the dream!

'Itan Atxur:
Yeah, that date makes the whole thing a tad suspect...

But even still, there idea focuses too much on the individual and leaves too much room for greed and selfishness IMO.

:D :D

-'Itan Atxur

Whooooop!!! My very first Karma Cookie!!! I'm honored!  ;D

*cough* *cough*

--- Quote from: 'Itan Atxur on September 28, 2010, 05:26:38 pm ---But even still, there idea focuses too much on the individual and leaves too much room for greed and selfishness IMO.

--- End quote ---

of course, demanding sovereignty is something which could be an option for us for later stages of planning or even after the tribe is established and worked for a period of time - if at all.

but no matter how much of their "experience" we could use for our own reason, one thing was allready usefull concerning Geraldo (look at the appropriate topic)

I really don't think claiming sovereignty would be a good idea.  Countries don't just let you claim to be your own ruling body.  Otherwise, there would already be lots and lots of "free nations" in the US alone.  In general, nations are very hard pressed to find a reason to let go of it the lands and people it rules over.

All in all, I just think sovereignty is not something that is going to be even the least bit of an option.  Look at how hard the Native Americans had to work to get their nations to be considered a separate entity.  They earned it by ancestry.  A group of settlers who just wander in from another country/countries and decide they're going to be their own sovereign nation is going to get laughed at, at best, and a firestorm of trouble at worst.  I'm sure it would be seen as rebellion.


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