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Mindas Arran:
In the Tribe Progress thread it was mentioned that the design for the knife was still in question. I'd like to suggest an inexpensive, VERY durable solution -- Cold Steel brand machete. They come in various designs, are constructed from 1060 Carbon steel, and have good heft and feel. I bought mine (Cold Steel 12" Barong Machete) off EBay for about $15 and it's become my new trail knife.

I'd be happy to get pics together if anyone wants to see what they look like beyond the ebay pictures.

ps. If anyone IS interested, I'd suggest getting them soon as many of the machete designs have been discontinued for a lighter Latin Machete design.

Ikranä mokri:
but wouldn't a more usable knife be more useful like a predator I military knife.

machete are good for hacking but a knife has to able to do more than that if its going to be totally useful. they would be good for cleaing the area but for skinning animals and even killing them its better to use a knife like the Predator (dont have one but im planning on trying to find one like my m8 has got)

Mindas Arran:
Link or pics? I've never heard of the knife you're suggesting.

I did a quick search on Google for "Predator 1 Military Knives" and got this:

I'm not sure if this is what Twonyu Ikranä was talking about, though.

Tuteyä amuiä 'itan:
haha first thought that comes 2 mind... Rambo lol... I LIKE IT


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