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Hmm, honestly I am not sure. Hygiene is a crucial thing, wherever you are. And water definitely does not keep one clean outside of appearances. It won't prevent anyone from even smelling a bit for obvious reasons. This is the point that, I have to admit, worries me.

This is up to each one of us, but I would be reassured if some natural product can be made and used to remain perfectly clean without causing any harm to the surrounding eco system. I have to read some pages about this.

Your experience is interesting, but I am personally cautious about this. It is among the most important criteria for having a decent quality of life and to make sure this does not bother anyone. 

Well... When I used these lovely detergents (oh, SLS, the main ingredient aside water in shampoos, soaps and dish washing detergent...) and antiperspirant... Let me make a list.
- hair looked greasy if not washed every day
- scalp was itchy
- dandruff
- got split ends when my favourite conditioner's production stopped
- my dad complained that I smelled. Almost always when we met. Everyone else was too shameful to complain. Oh, and the mother of the family I worked for complained sometimes too.
I threw the detergents and the deodorant out the window (so to speak) around the same time, and even though at first my hair went all greasy, after some time - maybe a week or so - it got better. The dandruff is not even close as bad a problem as it used to be, and my hair does not get greasy looking at all (unless I put too much oil in it... Oops).
The deodorant on the other hand, it has a few problems. It does not work in a "whoops I smell well I'll just put on deodorant" -way. One's got to wash oneself (or just the armpits, whatever's one's cup of tea at the time in case) and then rub the deodorant all over the armpit. That really means all over.
But it keeps the smells away pretty nicely. Does not remove the sweat, sadly. But it is natural and more body-friendly.

In any case, I feel a lot better about myself after throwing out the detergents and conventional deodorants and all the other s***. And I know that I smell a lot less. I'm not saying I don't smell at all because that would be LIES! seeing as even the people that do use detergents and conventional deodorant don't manage to not smell at all, but I am saying that my hair does not smell at all and when I sweat I don't smell any more than the next person.

So, uh... Try it? If you are going to read, include some no 'poo pages to your reading.
On the note of natural cleaning products, a solution can be made out of soap nuts that can be used as a shampoo/soap. I would not know how well is works since I haven't tried but soap nuts seem to clean my clothes well enough, tee-hee.

But seriously, just try to ditch the detergents and replace everything with more natural stuff. I'm not saying "water cleans everything" - it just happens to be quite enough for me. I know that for some people ditching shampoo totally causes blemishes on the scalp and other crap. In that case, just try to find something that works better. Some people wash with a sulphate- and silicone free conditioner only and it works for them (for me it cleaned too much and made my hair feel like bloody straw). Some people wash with soap nut solution, some people wash with baking soda and vinegar (or lemon juice), some people use only the vinegar (or lemon). Some people use sulphate- and silicone free shampoo and conditioner, blah, blah, blah. It's just about finding what works. At first I used baking soda and vinegar every time I washed my hair because I just had the feeling that I could not be clean unless I used something. Nowadays I just brush my hair quickly before shower and then give my scalp a good rub when in the shower, that removes any dead skin cells that need to be removed. And that is all I need. *shrug*

Just a little correction on the "how to make soap" thing at the beginning of this (because it's something I have direct experience with)  Lye soap is made with, yes, lye from ashes, but NOT with bones.  Bones have nothing to do with it.  Soap comes from mixing lye with rendered fat or oil.

If anyone is actually interested in doing this I can add a copy of my great-grandmother's recipe for lye soap (not with homemade lye, of course, but with the storebought stuff)  It really works, and makes solid soap that can be easily cut into cakes and smells like, well, >.> basically just smells like its ingredients, so it smells like nothing.

Yeah I had a 'little' misunderstanding there, if I remember correctly it was just throwing whatever animal based scrap like intestines and fat and stuff into the mixture and it'd become soap, or something. That would include bones and be a good riddance of things like that if they had no better uses. However there are less, ehm, ugly soap recipes with store bought lye and some oil (one of the coolest was soap made out of bear fat. Awesome) and maybe some scenting and whatnot, generally just lye + oil. Earlier I was mainly thinking about how to make things with as little bought things as possible. *shrug*
Finding soap recipes with store bought ingredients is fairly easy. And those kinds of soaps are on my to-do list. x)

Ah, now I understand.

We no longer use strong detergents when we clean ourselves here (although it is still industrial), and only take products that do have natural ingredients, that are environment friendly. And I avoid using deodorants because this is just not the way (but being very active and moving a lot, I sometimes don't have much choice).

All this is very interesting. Although I won't be able to try using only natural stuff right now, for many reasons, this is really great.

--- Quote ---So, uh... Try it? If you are going to read, include some no 'poo pages to your reading.
--- End quote ---
I did not understand that part, sorry.

--- Quote ---Some people wash with a sulphate- and silicone free conditioner only and it works for them.
--- End quote ---
This is what I use. But there are of course other solutions that are certainly more appropriate for living close to nature.


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