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Txura Rolyu:
I know smoking stuff is a really good idea. It just gets old after a while unless you can find some spices to add to it. I wish we could all meet somewhere online or IRL and do a whole run down of things. Would be a great plan to just have everythign kinda covered to see how we are doing.

Key'ìl Nekxetse:
Smoking, salting, curing, anything else?

Txura Rolyu:
Eat it right then and there?  ;D

I'm going to be working up to a cook at my job during the summer, so I should have a few tricks down. Mahi, anyone?

Mayhaps waking up the topic again. After not using shampoo, soap, toothpaste or "normal" deodorant in eight months, I am rather amused reading my first message. Water truly is quite enough for all the washing, and for a deodorant I use a 'Salt of the Earth - Totally Natural Deodorant' which is made out of some kind of salt... Ammonium Potassium if I remember correctly. I wash my teeth with a toothbrush and rub my skin with a luffa glove kind of thing when in shower, and I have to say, mechanical cleansing is quite as effective as chemical cleansing - just kinder for the nature.
I use soapnuts, lemon, vinegar, salt and baking soda for all my house cleaning, and soap nuts and sodium percarbonate for washing laundry. I need to buy a gall soap so I can get rid of a few more stubborn stains though.
And aye, I have not washed my hair with a shampoo at all in eight months aside for the visit to a salon. I sometimes rinse my hair with watered down lemon juice though, because my scalp likes it.

What I am saying is, this is not very far from what I think we should have at the tribe. I also think that everyone should at least try to get rid of the unnecessary detergents, and deodorants that cause aluminium to collect into one's body. From this type of cleansing habits it would be a lot easier for both the body and the mind to go into a possibly even lower level of cleansing. Seeing as it is quite possible that at the tribe a bath would equal a quick swim with no detergents or soaps or even mechanical cleansing, and possibly deodorant would not be used either. And with the right kind of clothing that would not even pose as a threat for our oh-so-well-cultivated olfactory nerves.

On account of plants with saponin... I looked into it and apparently soapwort's saponin content is higher that that of soap nuts. I am planning on growing soapwort on my balcony, but that is a future project seeing as winters here are quite cold... Tee-hee.
Quite possibly growing plants with saponin at the tribe would be a very good idea.


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