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I thought we should start to think what things we can make in the village and what we must buy. The most important things are probably ingredients for everyday hygiene stuff like toothpaste, soap and shampoo, ingredients for food, and fabrics for making clothes. I would love it if we would be able to make our own fabrics, grow linen and maybe have sheep, but to be realistic, that won't be possible, at least not for the few first years, later maybe.
I have been looking around the net a bit and found some recipes for how to make lye for soap, and soap itself of course. If we want to go fancy we will need to buy scents and oils, but if not, all we will need is the lye made out of ash, and to make soap we will need to add bones into it. Sounds yummy, huh, but think about it, we will have bones lying around because we will hunt animals for food, and we really don't have anything else to do with them, right?
A simple tooth powder can be done with baking soda and salt. Those two things we will need to have a supply of.

Now, if you know any recipes for stuff we will need, how to make as much things as possible at the village, things we will need to buy, or you think there is something everyone interested in moving to the village could and should learn, not depending on where they live and their age, just post down there!  8)

A good idea. What would be ideal would be to look for natural solutions to these problems - for example, certain types of coral excrete a natural sunscreen - great when you're stuck on a desert island.

It will depend of course on the plants present at the location. Your recipe for soap sounds fun! Scents and oils, again from local plants - but remember: hunting, soap is a bad thing. You want to smell like your environment - even if you are downwind, smelling like roses will alert your target to your presence.

Trying to think of toothpaste. I don't know if there is even a natural form - people just used water in the past, but that didn't help much!

Question - We are talking about the tribe here, right? The eco-village used to be called "the village" until recently, when they kind of merged - just to make sure I am contributing correctly.

Tribe, yes.  :) I think that tooth powder thing is pretty much as natural as it can go (just dip a wet toothbrush in the powder and brush like you would normally do), but I guess just brushing with water might do the trick. About that soap, you are right... But hunters probably won't wash themselves too much, at least if they go for longer hunting trips.
Actually I was thinking that we might be able to make soaps and sell them, that's what the more fancy stuff would be for. People love to buy natural stuff, it makes them feel real ecological!  ;D

Key'ìl Nekxetse:
Hmm, there are a number of sources of soaps, including plants with a high saponin content. These include soapwort and horse-chestnut. They might be a better solution to the problem.
Bones are useful as tools, stock and fertiliser.
I've seen woodash recommended as toothpaste, but without any evidence of how effective it is.

As has been said before, all survival skills are extremely important.

Had a thought on food. In order to avoid making huge dents in local wildlife population, we may only be able to make regular hunting trips, as opposed to constant butchering. This means making meat last - any tips for preserving meat, especially in hot weather?

We will of course have to find some kind of starchy thing to eat in the meantime - various porridges can be made from root plants, seeds and even the pith of some trees.


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