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--- Quote from: Nìmwey on December 13, 2011, 02:34:02 pm ---Who is "you"? :P

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Anyone who is still active here.  ;D

Ok, well, you have my assistance. ;)


--- Quote from: Nìmwey on December 14, 2011, 04:43:24 am ---Ok, well, you have my assistance. ;)

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Thank you. Yet, it seems like you're the only one answering here....  :-\


--- Quote from: Tonbogiri ---Let's make this our 2011 goal - by the turn of the year, at least triple our membership. If we all make an effort, we can accomplish this.
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*Cough* :-\*Cough*

Kaltxì ma eylan,

I'm new to this thread, and I've not read a lot of it, but I've read a few pages. My apologies if this is something that's already been discussed, but why not, for starters, organize an annual weekend or week-long meetup at a primitive campground that will allow the group to practice shelter building and other pre-planned survival skills/workshops? There's nothing like an actual experience to get people excited about doing it again/long term. I personally try to go to a festival or two a year and my favorite ones are always the ones that are the most primitive, and I always hate to leave and am super psyched to do it again.

Instead of trying to organize a get-together for all the members in one place, I'd suggest forming local tribes in each perspective country. I couldn't make a gathering outside the USA, but I most likely could travel pretty much anywhere within the continental US for it. I'd advertise the gathering as a primitive gathering with a focus on Eco-conscious living and offer workshops on things such as wilderness survival and reducing your carbon footprint. I would NOT mention Avatar or the ultimate goal of forming a functioning primitive tribe. Those subjects would probably drive people away that would otherwise be interested.

Once people have been there overnight and have gotten a taste for the lifestyle and enjoyed it, then I would announce a workshop on "Going Tribal" and discuss the tribe with the people that decide to attend-that way you know that you are talking to people that are actually interested in it and are much more likely to take it seriously.

This would be not only a great way to find more members, but also a means of raising funds. After all, people pay to attend gatherings ;)

I would love to help organize a US gathering if anyone else is interested.



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