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It is time to restore our numbers, ladies and gentlemen.

At present, there is simply not enough activity to cause any advancement in our plans. Therefore, I feel it is time to recruit more members for our cause!

There are several methods to do so, though any suggestions are welcome:

The old website,, has not been updated for a while. This can be remedied fairly easily, but the site also requires a blog page and a few other little modifications to make it worthy of being the primary source of information for any potential members. Some have suggested a new website, based either on the web-tool Wordpress or a whole new design from scratch. To resolve this, shall be updated completely over the next 48 hours, and an an opinion poll can decide its fate.

Podcasts, Blogs and Websites.
This is more of a message to all those who run related web-based functions. If your site is related in any way to ecology preservation, philosophy, anthropology, psychology, or even Avatar, then give us a mention! Remember to direct your viewers to both this forum and towards the improved site.

Some of us here may have close relatives or friends with similar plans or ideals. If this is the case, why not introduce them to the Project Tribal philosophy? We encourage every opinion, even if that person doesn't aim to join with us completely, and an objective voice is a valuable asset to any project.

As noted before, any other plans - including offline ideas, such as the inevitable cake stand or lemonade stall - are welcome. The important thing here is actual activity - we need people to actually do these things otherwise they will fall flat and our numbers will not improve at all.

Let's make this our 2011 goal - by the turn of the year, at least triple our membership. If we all make an effort, we can accomplish this.

I am still here to help.

"Remember to direct your viewers to both this forum and towards the improved site."
I'd love to, but (also a suggestion I suppose) it would be easier to gain people's respect (and thus more members) with a proper forum, not a subforum on a nerd-board for Avatar.
(No offense to Avatar-fans/nerds at all, I love it myself, but that's what most people see it as.)

Nìmwey, glad to hear you are still here to help.

You have a point. Upon further consideration, it is my opinion that an ideal situation for us in order to advance our plans will require us to depart from this mother-forum which we have called home for two years now.

Check out the new topic here:

That may be something we need to resolve before we can properly push for members.

Well, most members of Project Tribal are still in this forum. I am afraid that we may loose many people (that are still looking what happens here) if we move forums too soon. The fact that the common thread that brought us here (for most of us, it seems like there are a few people from outside) is the Avatar film makes that it is still okay that our forum stays here for a little while longer. At least, I personally think it is too early, although the idea is good.

The day we will have decided of a location, have some more experience of what awaits us, more people and some more planned stuff, then we can move our forums because we would have a more solid base on which we could rely on. But this is only my personal opinion. I don't think this nerdy forum is a huge disadvantage as long as we members are mature enough. ;)

I however think the new Website can be done soon and would help blogging about the project and list information. I'll try to look at this in my tiny free time.

I don't want to appear overly pessimistic, but this project seems to be almost dying. :-\
I've tried to help for many months now, but still, there are too few committed members here as it is now.

At least I'm working on a table/chart (a huge thing, information gathered about 60 different countries, with so far around 27 points for each country, making it 1620 pieces of information), that I can share with you too when it's done.


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