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The Project Tribal / Real Live Na'vi Tribe Profile form has been around when this project was just a sub-board under Fandom, in the same 2 (locked) profile threads, and we have kept that form, but lately I've been seeing some slight mishaps in it. So, I'm just going to point out a how-to section for it.

Name [on board]:
First name:
Jobs you would like:

Name [on board]: Your LearnNa'vi username. Not too hard, right?

First name: Should be easier...

Age: Same...

Gender: Same...

Location: Now this could be where it gets tricky, if you have the complex mind to mess this up. This would be your current location, not where you want to live.

Skills: These are vital. Currently, you could be like me and not have many except a good mapping memory, but this is in regards to, physical skills. Like, you run fast, far, lift heavy things, or you have good aim with a bow, etc.. Just the general things that could be helpful.

Jobs you would like: Now, the original Tribe thread is yonder in the archived area of the general RLNT board. Lately, all I've been seeing was hunter, so I'm going to point out more of what we need:
///Hunter - The one that goes out to kill the prey, whatever it may be, and then help haul it to base camp, or mark the area mentally to retrieve it later, assuming we're the only predator.
///Medic - What we have almost none of at the moment, the one that is able to identify multiple types of injuries, and then be able to medicate it for a proper recovery.
///Mapper - The one that can get a good map down of the area to help in our growth and location.
///Cook - The one that, well, cooks. Meat and various edible plants.
///"Blacksmith" - The one that crafts weapons and tools of the sort.

And well, those are a few, but we need to get a good jobs layout based on location, wherever and whenever that may be.

Additional: This is the confusing field that gets most people. It's like a combination of the Skills and Job field, where you list anything that's really not a physical skill that you think can aide in the tribe, more towards a mental skill. Such as, good weaver, for a start, or you can help with people. Those kind of things.

Well, let that be a start for the new members.


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