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Non-the-less, your attitude :D sounds great as a gatherer, or cook :-\.... Im sure someone has to make sure that the cerimonial fire, placed nearly at the heart of the Home Tree, is bright and remains lit with fresh fire ;D. Im positive that even the Na'vi have cooks and chefs ;), people who know old recipes and still voice them in song or teach them to their younge  :P...  You are welcome here, I hope this message shows you so. Without further adu :), welcome with a open heart and open ears to LearnNa'!  8)

Hello and welcome.

While the old topics are that - old - and many members in them are not here anymore, many of them are still relevant and all of them are a wealth of information. I suggest you read as many as you can and them come back with any questions you haven't gotten answered. ;)

Okay, I've looked around and these questions I feel haven't been answered...

3. Drought? Famine?

5. Lighting? Candles, but where from? You might need bee's!

Hi  :)  It's nice to see a new person in the tribe.
I don't think we'll need a blacksmith, cause we won't have metal. Something a bit similar you might want to try could be flintknaping and construction(stuff like building your den).
I know what you mean about killing, I'm the same way.
3. Drought and famine would be hard to predict but we could try to have enough food(smoked and dried food, that sort of thing) stored up to survive and we can make sure that the land we buy has a good water source.  
5. Fire and torches(if we can learn how to make torches). Actually we really need to figure out how to make torches cause sadly I don't know of any bio-luminescent land.  :(

Yeah, there is lack of bio-luminescents around.

Torches can't be too hard, wood, rags and oil?

Also CONSTRUCTION! :D But after everything settled down what would need constructing? New weapons? Clothes?


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