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How, I'm not too sure about this whole thing. I absolutely LOVE the idea but I'd only be about to stay out for about three weeks. But that ain't too bad.

Name [on board]: Catherss
First name: Catherine
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Location: UK, Cumbria
Skills: I've got a logical mind, though I don't have many skills. In the words of Mo'at, my cup is empty. Though, me and a friend once made a den completely with the stuff we found in the forest and returned to it two weeks later, and it was still standing!
Jobs you would like: Blacksmith or cook
Additional: I love to be in the woods, however I don't think I'd have the gut to be a hunter. I'm not squeamish or vegan but I just don't think I'd have it in me. I don't even like killing insects. Darn my thoughtful mind!

Also, if this thing did happen where's the funding coming from? Maybe we/you should have a...taster somewhere in the UK for  us Brits and somewhere in the US for the Americans. Scotland, or even Cumbria I think would be good for the UK.

Hmm, there was something planned more or less with British people previously, but they have vanished. At least, they are currently busy.

Looking at your age, you are far too young for such a project. We cannot assume the responsibility for people below 18 or 23 depending on the territory. Sorry. You can still participate in the forums, but you'll have to wait a few years before actually being able to take part in such stuff, and for responsibility reasons.

Thats's okay. I relised that I'd probably be at least 15 untill this thing starts and longer untill you allow young'uns. :)


--- Quote from: Catherss on July 13, 2012, 05:50:14 am ---Thats's okay. I relised that I'd probably be at least 15 untill this thing starts and longer untill you allow young'uns. :)

--- End quote ---

You might be right.  ;D

Also, I has questions should this ever come into life...

1. What if someone breaks their leg? If we're in a country with no NHS...
2. Someone gets malaria?
3. Drought? Famine?
4. How to-nature are you REALLY going? Communications home? Maybe if summer people do come then they could bring letters from home :o
5. Lighting? Candles, but where from? You might need bee's!

That is all for now :)


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