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Hello all! I'm new!

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I just wanted to let you all know that I am new here.

I am Tsahik of the International Federation of Na'vi, and I would like to query the procedures to becoming a recognised real life Na'vi tribe. I already have a CIN (National Identity card) proposed for our people for identity verification purposes. What are the proper procedures to forming a Na'vi Parliament?

I am from Pensacola, Florida. I urge all those who are from the Gulf Coast to attend a meeting here in Pensacola on 17 June 2010. It will be a logistical meeting to discuss the formation of a real life Na'vi tribe called the International Federation of Na'vi.

You will need to go downtown to the Pensacola public library on the corner of West Gregory and Spring Streets. The meeting starts at 1500h Central Standard Time. Please feel free to bring applications, brochures and other materials related to our people. Please encourage the general public to learn about us by posting a flyer about the Na'vi and/or our meeting anywhere you are able.

Please contact me here or at my email if you want more info.

Thank you, Jamling Sherpa

Fnua Atxkxe:
Could you post more details about this. Like what your goals and such. Just so we can understand what you are representing.

The International Federation of Na'vi is (I hope) the proposed governing authority for the Na'vi People. There will be a council in different regions of the world, as well as local councils in each country and local area to help govern Na'vi interests in that area (sort of like embassies). I am leader of the North American Regional Council, and if there is enough interest, the actual council meeting will be here in Pensacola or New Orleans.

I plan for an entire registration system, including Na'vi ID cards and an official tribal database of all citizens. Actually, I have the first issued CIN card for the proposed tribe on hand, but it cost an arm and a leg to produce. They want 12 USD PER card, plus posting!

As you can imagine, that would be insanely expensive to outsource the ID cards, so I have to find another way to finance them.

Fnua Atxkxe:
I don't think that this the sort of thing we were going for, plus it is difficult to immediately believe this is just because you have sort of come out of nowhere. As we are fond of saying pics or it didn't happen. We just need a bit more proof please. Maybe a bit more info on the planned structure.

yeah agrree with fnua, this is fake and you are trying to scam us for money so leave now! you dont have proof and i can find any na'vi federation on google, that is what my gut is telling me, but please prove me wrong :)


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