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Hi everyone. I joined this forum almost a week ago, and I find I am spending all my time on the internet on this sub-forum reading through all your posts (location seems to be a problem eh)! Anyway...

Name [on board]: hickipedia

First name: Chris

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Location: Cornwall, United Kingdom

Skills: I am able to keep a cool head when things get a little hairy, fast runner (I am wasted over long distances, we dwarves are natural sprinters), great hand-eye co-ordination, fishing, and I can cook.:D Some people might also say I'm funny, but that might not be a skill...

As it has been said on here, the tribe is definitely a few years off yet, so anything that needs to be learnt, can be in that time.

Jobs you would like: There are no particular jobs that I would not be willing to do at the moment, however, over time my mind might change and I might like to do something in particular.

Additional: Currently I am learning Na'vi (am I right in guessing that would be the "native" language of the tribe?), I seem to be good at settle problems between people, so if some sort of feud appeared within the tribe, I could try and sort it.

I really hope that this tribe can succeed, it would be a shame to see the work that has already been done go to waste. I don't know how you current tribe members feel about letting someone complete new in, having never seen what they're like on the forums before.

Thanks. ^o^

Always nice to see "new blood" here, and we need more activity. ;D *Cough*

About the language, you can check this thread for example:

And welcome. :D


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