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Name[On board]: Neytorokx
First name: Alston
Age: 16 ( just turned 16 )
Birth: 2nd of August 1996
Gender: male
Location: Orangefield, Texas
Skills: Learn fast, can stay up several hours without needing sleep, I do what I'm asked to do,
Jobs you would like: Hunter if possible, but I can relate to what ever is needed from me.
Additional: I'm currently practicing with my bow to better improve my aiming, also learning how to make my own bow/arrows. I care very deeply about the land and believe the Na'vi lifestyle is right, which is why I feel very deeply about this tribe. Only being 16 I'm gonna have to wait about 2 years to become a legal adult, however this does give me time to prep. Learning fast/having a good memory could aid in hunting/mapping.

I'm really looking forward to joining, my only hope is that this doesn't die out over time and that it goes full-scale. The part that worries me is the prices for the tribes location as well as to some people this is just a 'phase' or a 'fad', seeing that this has been going on for a year or more worries me also. So you've got my full support, I really hope it works out and I very much look forward to joining when I get the chance, if possible leaving everything behind to live as long as I can with the tribe. :)

Irayo for reading!

Eywa ngahu, ma aytsmukan sì aytsmuke!

Kaltxì!  :)
It's great to see a new member.
You're right in that this will be pretty hard to do, but even if we can't get the money everything we learned will make it much easier to survive the zombie apocalypse.  ;D

Kaltxì! Zola'u niprrte!  ;)

I am glad to welcome yet another motivated person. We still have a number of things to do, so you have time to prepare yourself.  Such a project is all but not easy,so it takes time. Aditionnaly we aren't familiar with the way of finding a territory effectively yet,this is also why it takes time.

Feel free to ask questions and give your opinion in the topics where you want.


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