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I would like to join. :)
I'll come back and edit it to make my profile but I can't right now because I have to go to bed. :(

Name [on board]: Äteya
First name:
Skills: I'm getting good at pottery, I'm trying to learn flintknaping  using trial and err(all I can do right now is brake rocks and none turn out pointy), that's all I can think of right now.
Jobs you would like: I can think of any jobs right now but I doubt every one will have one job each so I'll just help out were I can.
Additional: I can't hunt. I'm not a vegetarian but I can't even kill a bug. I know hunting is necessary and I understand that I eat animals, but it just makes me really sad when I kill anything(I once accidentally killed a snail and it made me feel really sad). And I probably will only be able to come to help with start up and in the summer.  

DJ Makto:
Zola'u nìprrte! to the Learn Na'vi clan/community. :)

'Itan Atxur:
Welcome to Project Tribal :)

We may have finally made a breakthrough in deciding location so things should be picking up!

Zola'u nìprrte, tsmuke

welcome to LN  :) hope you have fun here and meet many awesome people.

Nice with more girls here, I feel so lonely sometimes. ;)
And I have trouble with hunting too - I guess I could kill an animal if I was starving, but I'd just be glad to let others do the hunting.


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