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I joined here last January and I was surprised this is still going and I'm kicking myself for forgetting about the forum, I had a lot on my plate back then but a year on I feel a lot more confident in my decisions. I'm a changed person, I figure if I'm still considering this a year and a half later it's not just a phase.

Name [on board]: Tawioang
First name: Matt
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Location: England
Skills: Good at problem solving and keeping a strong mental attitude, have good fitness and health. I'm advanced in Spanish and native English.
Jobs you would like:
- I'm an all-rounder. If I need to hunt, I'll hunt. If I need to construct, I'll construct.
- Mapper. I have a good visual memory, I can recall locations and directions well and can scout places.

Additional: Would be interested in taking up some basic medical skills as well as crafting. I have close connection to nature and would be interested in understanding mother nature more spirtually.

Why do I want to join the tribe? To live a simpler way of life and learn more about myself and the world philosophically and spiritually. Life is too short to not take a plunge and just go for it and I don't want to live the normal get a job, marry and die old. They say that you are born free and you live in chains, I feel that joining a real life tribe would break those chains.

Will I be commited? To my fullest. I'm enrolled in College at the moment, I will contribute as much as I can and will finish College in 2013 so if anything is up I'm taking gap year to work and come out to the tribe, I will be of age too and I'm deffinately considering it full time.

What I hope: Is for this project never to die, but flourish into an actual tribe, the conventional life is not within my interests.

'Itan Atxur:
Welcome to the tribe ma tsukan :)

Bienvenido en nuestra tribu ma tsmukan.  :)

What does motivate you so much to end studies so quickly to go back to nature? You seem really motivated (current step is to find a good location if you're interested, there are many topics about this).


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