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Name [on board]: Tsmuktengan
First name: Thomas
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Location: Paris, France (EU)
Skills: Not much that could be applicable to life in nature yet, except a great want to learn (my glass is empty). I am however trilingual : French (native), English (native as well) and Spanish (advanced practiced for several years). I am also a computer science student (entering second year) which means I have some programming notions and help a little for web development.
Jobs you would like: What is needed, but I still need to learn.

* I would only be able to go on trip for holiday periods, but I am ready to spend most of my vacations for this if possible. At least I want to invest myself into this project I am more and more attracted to (since it is in the end not a role play thing). 
* I am currently learning Na'vi with my French tutor and other French members.
* I am able to help querying for locations and their data, and totally opened to help for anything that is in my competence.
* I have very strong values of openness, comprehensiveness of the other, respect for nature. I do like the notion of Ubuntu. These are among the concepts I found out in Avatar and that I think can be found in such an experience. This is why I am registering, if you accept it of course. ;)

'Itan Atxur:
Welcome to the tribe!!

Thank you (with a big delay, my apologies).  :)


Thank you!


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