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New Member, hoping to learn.

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Navi At Heart:
Name [On Board]: Navi At Heart

Name: Austin (friends call me Cowboy)

Age: 20

Location: Montana, USA

Skills: Physically strong, fast, well conditioned, resilient (by that I mean I can take the daily grind of hard work and some. :)), good hunter, fair fisherman, very outgoing and able to make friends quickly, and if it means anything I'm an amateur mixed martial artist so I have the ability to hold my own in bad situations and even able to teach others who wish to learn.

Jobs you would like: Well I think I would be best suited as a hunter but if need be I can teach others basic and advanced martial art techniques for self defense.

Additional: I'll Tell you guys a bit about myself in this section. I am Native American and was born on the Blackfeet Indian reservation in Montana were I still reside. I'm an amateur MMA fighter with a 3-0 record (W-L), Ive taught several classes at my gym and am seeking a belt soon. Life by the mountains is great for testing my survival skills. Every 2 weeks or so me and my friends spend several nights in the mountains, and I hunt on my uncles land every winter. I fool around with a bow every now and then just for fun. Im not much of a carpenter, mechanic, or blacksmith,I fit more as a laborer/hunter/scout if anything. My Na'vi is non-existent but I am ever eager to learn. Well thats me so far if there is anything else you would like to ask me please do.

NAH/Cowboy  :)

Kaltxì ma oeyä 'eylan sì tsmukan amip!

Welcome to the forums!

Navi At Heart:
Thank you very much I hope to learn as much as I can.

Yay, more new blood! :D

Navi At Heart:
Irayo nìxtan (If I'm saying that properly, thats a huge step for me ;D)


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