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A sign of change


Fnua Atxkxe:
Hey, used to be pretty heavily involved in all of this, albeit I am going back two years into the past now, I don't recognise many names posting here but I was just wondering how things are going on with you guys? Sadly I still have too many other priorities to consider becoming so vested with the tribe again but I'm still interested in what's going on, how things have moved on, if there's been any progress on locations etc, so if anyone finds the time and the inclination to do the briefest of overviews I'd be most thankful for it, posted this here as it's neither particularly important nor an introduction, although I suppose it is of sorts! It is re-assuring to see that after all this time the idea lives on, people may come and go but idea's can stand much longere, Irayo ma aysmuke.

I'm still comitited to the tribe, but I've been busy lately and my school will be starting soon. :(

Nice to see you still look around.

I couldn't answer before today, as I finally got a new computer up and working, and repaired my network connection.  :)

We al have our priorities, and work must go on in each of our lives. But trying to spend some few spare time in this can still be worth it.

As I explained in other topics, you can check this site (that I need to update) for news and centralized data :

Fnua Atxkxe:
Cool, site bookmarked for later reading! Got swamped with coursework after missing a week for a holiday so not really had much time to think about this lately, I look forward to having a read of the site though ^^

'Itan Atxur:
Good to see you around here Fnua :)


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