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Avatar Soundtrack & Sleeping (And Hopefully Dreaming) (+Cognitive training tips)

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Swok Txon:
you should write the dreams in Na'vi as well to improve your grammar etc.

man i can't wait to get to sleep tonight!

(say wut??!?!??!)

Eywal ngaru teing oeti:
Yeah, I plan on doing that as well. I can't to dream some more of being on Pandora.

Taronyu ta'em:
Damn, I should try this out!  ;D

btw, is it best to let the music play loud?

Eywal ngaru teing oeti:

--- Quote from: Taronyu ta'em on January 18, 2010, 04:58:23 pm ---Damn, I should try this out!  ;D

btw, is it best to let the music play loud?

--- End quote ---

You don't want to play too loud, but you also don't want to play too low. You want to find a balance between the two, but it's depends on the person. It would also depends on where you stereo is or if you have an ipod.

I have an Ipod Home theater and I have the volume set on 13 and it's in the far corner of my room, which is perfect for me.

The volume is low enough so I can hear my breathing, but loud enough to hear each tone in the song. It is best to make sure the song is the only foreign sound you hear, because you will technically hear all sounds while you sleep. Other noises may be considered as distractions, and may abruptly change your dream. At least it holds true to me, anyways!


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