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Avatar Soundtrack & Sleeping (And Hopefully Dreaming) (+Cognitive training tips)

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Taronyu ta'em:
got it, irayo

EywayƤ Kato:
I've been listening to the soundtrack in my sleep and haven't had any cool dreams yet.  In fact, I've been having no dreams.  I have, however, been sleeping less but feeling more well rested.

Txon Taronyu:
Try Biaurial beats they work sooooooooooooooo well

tsmukan ftu Eywa:
I would like to post a conclusion this may be long so grad some pop corn.
this is in order by nights we listened to one song over and over while we sleep (we is two of my closest friends).
No, none of my friends are from Twilight! and don't give me that B.S.!

1:Rather happy, up beat music.
A swirl of colors; red, blue, green, strobe like flashes. I soon found that a bit of my mind was unused via my self acknowledgment. After pressing some will to start this end of my brain I find my self seeing killings and very unpleasant visions of my loved ones suffering. [END]

friend 1 (Alace):darkness... nothing to put in my mind. Just a big bunch of nothing... [END]

friend 2 (Jacob): heavy feelings of happiness wash over me. I see nothing but my feelings seem to think I do tho. It is like having sex (I figure this comment would have to do with personality but might be helpful...). [END]

2: this time I chose to listen to Lucent Dreams a soothing sound with beach waters.
Didn't go to sleep but woke up listening to this (explain that one..). I had some control over actions not over the the out come. I had a war game like dream. shooting and killing all over. but soon moved to a free fall in the sky, with no ground. just falling. it was calm and I much preferred this one. [END]

Jacob: Had excellent control over "my world" the area is well constructed of concrete, and I burned it all with a match =P [END] (He seemed a bit show-offish with that one don't you think?)

Alace: A puff of clouds float for a short time before I woke up, it wasn't long and I didn't seem to get much sleep won't try this again...

This was a small portion but I'm out of time I will try to get more later cya :D


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