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Avatar Soundtrack & Sleeping (And Hopefully Dreaming) (+Cognitive training tips)

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Txonyä Maktoyu:
Yeh that seems to fit, you had the idea that music affects your dreams, therefore you believed it, therefore it happened. Its like a form of lucid dreaming where because you thought you were going to have those dreams, you did :) I dont think the type of music helps that much as if you believe you will dream of eating chocolate when you listen to rap music, you probably would!

Eywa ngahu,
Daz x x

Excellent point, daz222! I thought about something on those lines after I woke up listening to the brainwave frequencies: 'it is all in you mind'.

All is within your mind! (I gotta add that to my signature :P)

Txonyä Maktoyu:
I am a qualified hypnotist and studied this sort of topic, welcome to my world! *sings*Welcommmmme, to my worlllllld*laughs to self*

Eywa ngahu,
Daz x x

Hawnuyu atìtse'a:
Maybe it was a form of mental placebo?

In a matter of speaking, it is a placebo. From what I understand, it 'helps' you mind to 'synchronize' the frequencies you're listening to to the current operating frequencies you mind is working with. Technically, with a desciplined mind, you can acheive the intented frequencies without external sources, like listening to brain frequencies. For the most part, meditation is the best way to achieve the intention!

I will not rule out the potential of listening to those frequencies. For me, listening to those frequencies combined with meditation truly helps you to succeed; such as improving cognitive functionality, honing memory skills, add to an individual's creativity/imagination!

Combine listening to frequencies, meditation, learn a new language or two, and do some cognitive training (as I said learn a new language or two, work on some math, or google 'cognitive traing'. Thee are many free games for that purpose! My favourite site for those games ''). And possibly the most important parts of improving your mental capabilities: eat healty and exersize! It does jus trim weight and add/tone muscles, it improves the communication within you brain and the nervous system to those muscles!

There are other elements in what I said, and if you curious, just look it up! For all you know, it might even improve you capability of speaking/understanding Na'Vi's language! Oh yea, there is one more important element (and probably THE most impotant of them all): believe!!! If you doubt, it will either not work at all, or reduce the full capability of those tips!

Ok, ok: my last statement: I follow those tips, and believe me, the work! I think it is time to tell you guys something I don't think all of you will believe: I had a serious stroke in September 29th, 2005. The result was called 'expressive dysphasia'. In other words, I still fully understood my primary language, English, but I simple could not speak nor write. I believe being able to overcome those limitation where partly contibuted by using those tips I stated above! (Just by being able to type my thoughts proves that)! (Oh and please don't post just saying 'I'm sorry over the stroke', I'm using that event as factual information. What has happened has happened, and I can't change that (until I figure a way to travel back in time, anyways), all I can do is accept it and live with what I have!)

Eywa ngahu.  


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