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Avatar Soundtrack & Sleeping (And Hopefully Dreaming) (+Cognitive training tips)

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I'm sorry over a few typos, as I've typed this all on my iPod Touch, when I'm on my computer it is much easier to type properly


Ok I've tested it a while back of 'does the music you are listening to affects your dreams?'. My results where conclusive: depending on what you are listening to it does affect your dream(s).

So I'm going to see what kinds of dreams I will get while I sleep tonight listening to the Avatar Soundtrack! At this moment I'm listening to it right now :D! I must admit: the music was brilliantly created!

Anyways, I'll fill in the information when I wake up (I can't say tomorrow, it's already passed midnight... organizing my music, and lost track of time... seems to happen a lot to me) in a few hours! So if anyone has tried the experience, please post what you dreamed about :)! And hey, I might even add my philosophical thoughts of dreams and the action of dreaming... (Ok the last sentence was more of a mental note, but still...)

Hawnuyu atìtse'a:
What results did you get from what music in your initial tests? I'd love to know.

I've fallen asleep a few times with the soundtrack playing in the background, but I've never had any dreams about it.  I did however fall asleep last night with the TV on and I did have some odd dreams about a Sleep Number style bed and some P90X exercise program, guessing those were the infomercials that were on last night...

My initial tests were controlled by three different types of music, listened to
on different nights. The first on was listening to Infected
Mushrooms, The second night I was listening to Brainwave Entrainment
frequencies (which were also the most influencial to my dreams), and of course, the Avatar Soundtrack the I listened to last night!

Ok first of all, you will need a little history about Infected Mushrooms in my perspective. A few years back, myself and my family moved to Campbell River (Vancouver Island), BC, Canada. On the first day of school (In Timberline Secondary School (It was the best public school I've ever been in! The teaching structure actually helped for a change, so far in fact I had my first (and unfortunately, only) honour roll!), I was introduced to weed... And my music preferrences changed from hard-core Metallica to Infected Mushrooms & Sphongle... so trippy! Anyways, Myself and my family had to move
back to Prince George, BC, Canada 3/4 of the way of the school year... it is simple too expensive to live there!

Alright, now that the first short history lesson is done, I can easily explain the dream I had while listening to Infected Mushrooms: It was two years after we had to move back to Prince George. I just wanted to listen to music while I slept, there was no intention that time. But it seems to triggered memories of Campbell River, friends, fights and the biggest part, my most favourite school (that actually taught me a quite a few things, unlike other school), Timberline Secondary School! So what was happening? What events? Well, all that seemed to happen was exploring arreas in Campbell River that I remember, and Inwas in school more then anything else. So yea, it's pretty straight forward.

Anyways, I'm getting tired typing on my iPod Touch, so I'll add the other two dreams later!  

Alright I'm finishing up the last two dreams...

While I listened to brain-associative frequencies with a program called "Brainwave Entrainment" (if you want to help your brain maintain and improve your cognitive functions, Google it and download the application! I noticed the free demo version has an unlimited time frame, the only drawback is that you can only add your own custom frequencies, not any downloaded ones... just create and mp3 version of it, and yea... the rest is pretty self-explanatory... if you want to know more about brain frequencies, just Google "Binaural" or "Brain Frequencies" and find the wikipedia site (for a start... the curious ones will learn more by exploring other websites!)) and play a few of the existing frequencies... it will contribute to some of the more wild dreams! Needless to say... Depending on the frequencies you're listening to, it actually helps you fall asleep faster, can bring you down to a deeper sleep, and as I said, contributes to wild dreams! (Try a 10hz to 1hz over an hour, set to maintain 1hz after the hour). I will testify: I was well rested and a completely remember the dream after! (You know the phrase "there are a thousand words for every picture"? Well, there is know way I can explain the dream properly, as it was over a couple million "pictures"... do that math :P. Just give it a try! (BTW some frequencies (7hz optimal) helps you learn... like learning the language of Na'Vi... I want to incorporate subliminal messages in the method of teaching myself the Na'Vi language!)

And finally, while I was listening to the Avatar Soundtrack, I thought repeatably about the world of Pandora, and the wonders of it... needless to say, my dream was about exploring the place, finding new species, and strangely, I could speak the language fluently... Too bad I don't have that skill in reality, but it shows even more of the potential of the human mind! (I might not have been speaking properly in the sense of the actually language, and sorry, I do not remember a word, I just remember that I was speaking the (a) language of which was not a human made language (I know, contradictive... my mind is human so therefore the language was made by a human, but the language was not understood by any other people on the face of OUR planet... who to say that the language I spoke is real on another planet?)...


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