Bruce Parry going tribal

Started by Nìmwey, August 02, 2011, 11:55:06 AM

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Found this while googling "tribal living". I've seen a few episodes with Bruce Parry in the Amazon, but here he is visiting various tribal people in the world. I've seen episode 3, Horse Masters of Mongolia, and am now watching this, about a cannibal tribe in Papua New Guinea: Going Tribal: Living with Cannibals (Part 1) (Season 1 Episode 2)


This is one of my favourite tv programmes. I have the whole series on my ipod!

Quite a bit of the stuff mentioned in the programmes is relevant to us. I used it a great deal in my research about tribes (the completed document regarding tribes and their skills can be found in my gallery if anyone wants to check it out).

old gallery link?id=2051[/img]

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It is no fair that I dont have satelite or cable to watch these cool programs.
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