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Started by Nìmwey, April 01, 2012, 04:18:05 PM

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Here's the place for you to post videos about environmentalism or our beloved planet, whether the message is very straightforward or more or less vague.

Earth (Immediate Music - Believe)
The Planet Earth (The Most Epic Video You Will Ever See) - Mrxb0x
The Secret - Planet Earth HD
She's Alive (The first 30 seconds are a bit creepy, but it's OH SO EPIC. If you want to make me cry, you need look no further than this video.): She's Alive... Beautiful... Finite... Hurting... Worth Dying for.

And for something very different - Earthship Living: Earthship Living
And this thing I found now - Garbage Warrior:
Garbage Warrior [Full Length Documentary]
Absolutely fantastic, with a lot of fighting against the system that is only there for one thing - profit.

The american dream, in my opinion, is in the toilet.
It's history.
It's gone.
The american dream is now, "How do we survive the future?"
It's not having eight bedroom-home with eleven bathrooms, it's not having a career and a lawn, and all of the amenities, it is simply how to - our children, and our children's children, even have a chance at life.

And - not a video per se, but a wonderful and very fitting song.
Lunatica - The Incredibles


Okay, I tried to get some activity going, but no. :(


I did not see that topic, but now that I see it, I do not really know what videos to post.

However, I know a website where there were interesting conferences and debates at the previous Earth University that occurred at the UNESCO.

Too bad the videos weren't translated into English, but you may still want to see them, if you understand words of French. They address many issues that link back to environmentalism, common sense and sharing, and offer different solutions to our societies's problems, and many perspectives of thinking for ourselves.  :)


NB : If text appears in French, there is a link at the top of the page to change it to English.


Tse'a ngal ke'ut a krr fra'uti kame.


Just had a look at Nimwey's videos (could not previously, I was working), their are quite impressive.