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Insanities rider's bowmaking tutorial

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keye'ung makto:

this will be done in steps  as i finish each step ill post  img

step 1:  find a peice of wood or brance  strongenoug hto support the bow
im using a 3/4th inch peice of oak so i dont expect this bow to survive very long at all but oh well

keye'ung makto:
step 2: mark the center of the wood with a pencil

step 3  look and see if there is natural bend in the wood, if there is use that to your advantage.  take the wood and mark it  1/5th  from the end both way's

step 4: make sure the grain is going one direction and the wood has no knots.

step 5: begin rounding off  the edges of the wood (if you are using a branch negate this step)

step 6 measure the handle both ways from the center of the bow and mark it so that you can hold the bow confortably.

step 7 begin roughing out the limbs of the bow with a carping knife or  razor  (the limds are the parts at the end of the bow)  it should look like this

this is a single limb that is now finished

step 8: do that for the other side as well. the amrs will be bending inwords   thats why we carved thme inwords

step 9: begin ROUGHING OUT THE HANDLE do not carve alot of it off or the bow will break   just make it confortable to hold

you can also do what i did and just barely round it off

Eyaye Tskxe:

VERY interested in this. I just found my project for Advanced Woodshop.

I have three comments/questions:

1. Is there a length it should be? Or is it whatever is comfortable?

2. I don't know if there are supposed to be pics for steps 2 and 3, but there aren't  :-/

3. I found a list of woods good for bow making, and thought it would be useful to post here.

--- Quote ---As to woods, you can make a serviceable bow with just about any kind of wood, but some are better than others. The best bowmaking woods are: Oregon yew, osage orange (“bodark”), Southern red cedar, mulberry, ironwood, apple, sassafras, slippery elm, white ash, juniper, black walnut, black locust, and even willow. They all work. Generally speaking, dead limbs from conifer trees will not make bows. Pines, spruce, and fir are all too brittle. They all break. Also, cottonwoods tend to be brash.
--- End quote ---

Keep this going, like I said before, very interesting!

This is a very interesting project, I can't wait to see some results ma tsmukan!

keye'ung makto:
this one im making will  be exactly 5 feet long

pics being uploaded now


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