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Started by Tstal Layon, June 13, 2012, 08:46:09 PM

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Tstal Layon

Hey guys.  It's Unil Txep.  Not sure if anyone out there remembers me.

In any case, just wanted to say that I am so glad you guys are still doing this.  I'll keep reading this, but not joining back up yet.

Ah, I've missed you all so much.

Feel free to ask all the question you want from one of the original founders of the tribe.  ;)
Previously Hawnu UnilTxep


Kaltxì ma eylan welcome again!

Well, I arrived much later, but I try to organise and sort out all the work, and research you guys have done since all that time.

I have no idea of questions for you yet, except how you felt and why did you wanted to go back to nature initially.

Glad to see you are still following. I guess you have a lot of occupation (me as well). I make this roject evolve in order to suit both people who want to be permanent members and people who may be occasionally participating or visiting. So feel free to ask questions as well.

Our new site I try to complete is located at http://na.learnnavi.org/real-navi/ and evolving.

And yes, we do take a bit our time. Rushing won't help us succeed.  ;)

Tstal Layon

-bouncing happily-

Well, initially the idea was to have an actual tribe, speaking and living like Na'vi.  We would homeschool our kids, have one waterproof-weatherproof building with a phone line, emergency advanced med supplies... etc.

I don't know how exactly that changed.  Once more people started pouring in, they started saying how that was a dumb idea, that it should be more like a summer camp, or a rotating camp.  I think for a while we split off into two groups.

I wanted to do it because of my daughter.  Because I've always wanted to live like that, out in the wild, and just never had the means before to do it.  Never had anyone else who had even thought about it before I met all the people here.  So yeah, I jumped at the idea!! We tried to get it organised, but people kept on flooding in, with ideas and opinions, and then most left within a week.  I'm glad you've kept it going!!!

No, seriously, you don't know how happy this makes me :)
Previously Hawnu UnilTxep


Reading you, it looks like many people where exposing too many ideas in a very short time, but that the group had no direction. to make it simple, I will base myself on what you said.  :)

QuoteInitially the idea was to have an actual tribe, speaking and living like Na'vi.

This is the basic idea. At least, living like the Na'vi can also be understood like living in a rather basic way, very close to nature, with clear notions of respect towards people and nature. It is also in the plans to learn and use the Na'vi language, as well as the local territory's language.

QuoteWe would homeschool our kids, have one waterproof-weatherproof building with a phone line, emergency advanced med supplies... etc.

This depends on the legislation and if we really have the possibility to do this for instance. There is a topic about this in this section somewhere. For the rest, everything would be done to ensure both legal standing, safety, and communication with the outside even if an isolated area is chosen.

QuoteOnce more people started pouring in, they started saying how that was a dumb idea

This entire Real-Na'vi Life Tribe is probably a dumb thing, certainly a crazy and ambitious project. Honestly, I don't mind much, this is kinda of a unique experience and I am not sacrificing my studies. Same for many people here.

Quotethat it should be more like a summer camp, or a rotating camp

There has been tons of discussions about the various availabilities and the wants of various people. There are two categories :

- Those who see no issue leaving things behind, caring for the family or not (still have the possibility to communicate), and would become permanent members.
- Those who are very likely to have some kind of occupation and that could not stay in a permanent way, but would still like to attempt the experience.

So the idea is to get this working with permanent members and non-permanent people. The idea is also allowing a wide variety of people of exchanging lifestyles and still being able to taste purely free and wild life in nature. I want to make this flexible and feasible for everyone.

There are still several people stalking the forums and reading topics in this section though, there might be some interest. ;)

Now, I just have a question...

QuoteI wanted to do it because of my daughter.


Tstal Layon

Oh come now, you've seen kids these days.
I really would rather not have her grow up like that.
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Quote from: Tstal Layon on June 17, 2012, 12:51:32 AM
Oh come now, you've seen kids these days.
I really would rather not have her grow up like that.

Can you detail please?

Tstal Layon

Well... hmm.  I see it like this.
Look at kids these days.  Bullying, overweight, terrible school systems.
The immediate cure for this [to avoid ma 'ite from having to deal with all of that] is homeschooling, obviously.  But that causes so many problems as well.  I would have to have all my time free, which I don't have, not in this economy anyway.  I'm in college, so I don't have the time to homeschool.


If there was a tribe like this, it would be a community, tight-knit school.  Everyone would know everybody else, and any disputes or problems or fights would be relatively easy to solve or work out.
Previously Hawnu UnilTxep

Seze Mune

Sounds something like the Amish.  I wonder if they would allow 'Englischers' to go to their schools...


Hmm, I am not really favorable to this sort of thing, nor really against this.

Just keep in mind that the education issue (for both young and adult participants eh, we all have to learn a few things here ;)) will be handled. Just, I would not idealize homeschooling at all since the education entirely relies on the parents, while a regular school system relies on both parents and a teacher, with a studied way of educating and following students.

You seem to generalize a situation, typically you think that schools don't work because of 'bullying'. Here in France, I can tell you homeschooling, that is extremely limited, would have catastrophic effects, as a sensible amount of parents do not handle a thing of their child, or do so badly.

So this will e sorted out later, but taking every possible issue in account, excluding nothing. I don't think a small group of people is so easily to manage and there can always be conflicts for... nothing. I see this each week, even though they can also resolve easily as well (but not always).

Tstal Layon

Just want to put it out there that they were asking about when I helped form the tribe back in '10.  A lot has changed since then.

Also, French school systems are a hundred times better than American school systems.  I didn't learn that much in school; most I learned at home, from my dad or from books.  Only went to school because both of my parents worked.
Previously Hawnu UnilTxep


We will try to take the better of all we can find and do. I keep a note of this in my head. ;)

Meuiama Tsamsiyu (Toruk Makto)

I still suggest the northwest US for the location of this tribe. It would be a rough life to start and definite necessities would be required, as stated above. As far as home schooled. I think that would be better as well.

My school wasn't that bad overall with bullying, but kids ARE cruel. With lack of parental control now-a-days, they run a muck all over town. Had a kid in my neighborhood just down the road and a few of his friends, made a random decision to go to the next town over during Christmas and proceeded to beat a Christmas tree lot attendant retarded, literally retarded, with baseball bats. (a few months prior that little sh!t stole from us and we had the opportunity to have the child detained but his parents intervened and we let him go with them, the police were there too)

A few years later, FIRST day of Spring Break, kids burned down the town tannery. Wonderful fire, burned for 48 hours. Phew it stunk.

That said, yes, I agree that we need to get back to our roots, unfortunately, I think it will take a couple generations to get into that cause one cannot just give up everything cold turkey.

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I understand, but I would not generalize this to all schools. I do not think this is a general situation, otherwise there would be much more issues everywhere than there are currently.

I just found an older thread that talked about this. It can be used as a reference.


'Itan Atxur

Unil!! Omg, it's been so long! Of course, I totally remember you. Glad to see you around here again. Unfortunately I've left this beautiful group of people and the RLNT behind. It looks like I missed you buy just over a week. Hope you still visit!! How goes the EMT stuff?

Nice hearing from you again.

Also, check out the RLNT Mission Statement that the others and I wrote. It's pinned to the top of every Tribe page in one of the stickies. I'm curious as to what you'd think of it.

-'Itan Atxur

:D :D

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Which stickers is exactly the mission statement?

'Itan Atxur

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