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Leaving Things Behind

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So far, I believe we have experienced this discussion in Tribe discussion or perhaps one of these other threads. It had been a multi webpage argument as well as it turned out to be particularly something like. Big TV for Avatar Motion picture Night. (Every night) A comp for contact to the outside planet and additionally to this site to maintain recruiting. A mobile and also at minimum sokme form of vehicular travel for emergencies.


--- Quote from: antila on February 18, 2012, 03:23:40 pm ---I don't know about the rest of you, but I want to join the tribe specifically because I WANT to leave everything behind.

--- End quote ---

By the way (and since the forum is back), why exactly do you want to leave everything behind? Just asking...

I am organizing this in such way people are not forced to do so, and could still keep easy contact outside, and even go back elsewhere from time to time. So those who want to be permanent members, can, and those who aren't sure or just may cannot be permanently here won't have issues participating.

I have to say which in my imaginings in this camp, I can't see you residing without any some type of technologies. You would want prescription medicine, radio's/SAT Telephones, internet (satelite) to be able to regulate some connection to the outdoors world and to handle this site everyone is devoloping in. Also for communications when a specific crisis arises for instance an individual has pwned from a bear also as needs medivac.
Due to the fact for interests and interests, well yes I think for a bing search engine will deffinately feel some things which I skip, along with I can guaruntee a few individuals will turn upwards and also then leave soon after a few months.

I have never said that the project would turn it's back to 'normal' means of well-being and communication. I did repeat this several times, it is impossible to not take in account safety, health and communication needs, on both short term (for those who experience for a on short time only) and long term (for those who want to stay for a long time).

You are right. And we don't want to go back to prehistory on all this stuff, this would be complete nonesense. You should look for older topics where many issues were discussed already.

I have will never reported which the plan might possibly turn it's in return to 'normal' means of health along with correspondence. I did reiterate this many times, it is impossible not to take in account well-being, health because well as dialogue specifications, in concurrently short-term (for those whom experience for some kind of in quick time only) and also very long term (for the people whom would like to remain for a long time).


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