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Na'vi Vacation Retreat

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--- Quote from: Tirey Hawnuyu on January 19, 2010, 10:51:51 pm ---Mine is just seeing what other people are thinking about and how they might want to do one and I have only been on for 3 days so...

Eywa ngahu

--- End quote ---

I've never heard of what is it?

Also, that also sounds exactly like what the thread above is for.

i meant

Amazing Idea!  I can't wait! A friend and I are going to live like the Na'vi during the summer  ;)


when I started this thread that was what I had in mind but the retreat kind of thing I got from someone on the permanent Na'vi camp thread who was posting stuff about temp and said i should do a thread for sort of a temp camp or just plane get together and then it exploded into all of the above stuff in the thread.

Eywa ngahu


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