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Started by Fnua Atxkxe, December 20, 2011, 11:38:07 AM

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Fnua Atxkxe

Just wondering who's still hanging around - whether actively involved with the tribe or just watching and keeping tabs - who was around from when the tribe was just getting started aka a couple years ago anyway, feel a little sad about falling out of contact with people from here, not that it wouldn't be nice to meet some of the newer members ^^
Anyone feel free to add me on msn or skype: [email protected]

Oe kamä ìlä oeyä txe´lan ulte fìtsenge leiu oel hu ayngati ma oeyä smukan sì smuke ulte nga ma Coga, nì´ul to fra´u ^_^


Still here, just went through a few username changes.


I don't know if I'm one of the "olde" members, but I'm here every day anyway. ;)

Key'ìl Nekxetse

Still keeping an eye on things...
Key'ìl Nekxetse on "The Revolutionists"
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Tsyal Maktoyu


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still keeping an eye on the tribe too, but it seems the idea gonna die :(


Still, here, although I am no old guy here.  :)

We're stuck in location choices. There is no one really deciding here. So it does not help going on. But if several people care to give their point of view about locations they see as good, I guess this could help a lot going on more interesting stuff. :)


I check in now and again.  ;D
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Eight people so far - think of all we could do, if everyone really tried. ;)
//Nìmwey who is having fun looking through all the old threads. (And wants to find the original thread!)


Still here as well, at least I read.

I can still open a new site with more up-to-date and organized info.

And I need to get more info on French Guiana to get explanations and see what possibilities there are. I hope it could be as good as Hawaii in some ways.
* Tsmuktengan slaps himself for procrastinating.