Spring Activity Lull!

Started by Tonbogiri, April 20, 2011, 05:28:57 PM

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Well, it's finally happened. No new posts for five days, since my birthday, weirdly enough! Unfortunately for me, the dreadful exam time (hopefully the last for a while) has risen from the black lagoon to fill my time. It is a terrible paradox decision - while my full committment is to Project Tribal, I know that I will need to do well in these coming exams in order to help the Project to the full extent of my abilities. And I cannot do well without revision.

As such, my capacity for research has been greatly reduced. I still aim to check the forum daily, and keep up to date on any ideas. It also seems that most other guys on here are in a similar bind - but let the records show that you are better off completing any task or qualification that may, in any way, assist us. Don't worry about it - just so long as you come back when you're done!  ;)

Another possibilty is that there is simply not much to discuss. Now, I hope this isn't the case - yet I realise that without a set location, a choice which has plagued us for 6 months now, our options for discussion are limited. Still - we have some very creative minds on this forum (you know who you are!), and I have no doubt that there is more to talk about. Maybe fundraising, or a budget inventory!

One more possibility is Spring Break, Easter Holidays, whatever. The wide world calls to us, and so we travel to find sun, snow, or siblings! This would obviously take up time, and render some of our great family unable to reach this forum.

So, just a few things. There may be other reasons that are tailored to individuals, which are of course their business. But it would be a shame to stop now! 'Itan Atxur, I miss the last post column fights. Fnua Atxkxe, you had just returned! Our two web designers - any word on the site/logo? ANd to all the rest of you, even in the darkest of exam time, when the clock is ticking and your palms are sweating, take heart when you remember that Project Tribal still exists.
The best of luck to us all!

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'Itan Atxur

I'm not going anywhere! I've actually been considering starting EMT training fairly soon. It could really be of use if we ever get going. We already have one EMT (had?) in Hawnu Uniltxep but another can't hurt.

Also, I've been trying to do research as often as possible, but as you said, it's a busy time right now. Plus, Portal 2 just released... ;)

I miss those last post battles too, and I hope we haven't already scared Fnua away!!

;D ;D

-Itan Atxur

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I've been working a crapload the past few weeks, I'm glad to say I'm making almost making as much as my mom. So yeah, busy days. I actually will have a lot of time this weekend.