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The Bow Project - 2011

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Okay, why not put this year into a perspective? As in, actually try to get into the spirit of the tribe? Well, I have an idea of what I'm doing and what we should all do and eventually will do, build a bow. Not saying you have to go shooting yerìk with it, just saying build one and see if it works. So, this isn't mandatory but encouraged, but this is all we need to do.

(Go as fancy as wanted)

1 - Bow
1 - Arrow

1) Bow must be made of natural materials, don't go welding anything
2) String can be made naturally, or have yarn in place. No elastic, please...
3) Must shoot more than 10 feet in 3 seconds (Remember, a place in the people means honesty, whether by typing or video)
4) By Hand, you may BUILD the tools, but you can't use anything metal, except a pocket knife.

Due Date: (Again, not mandatory)
August 1, 2011

Now remember, I never said you can't get help from everyone else. I would just like to see if we could learn not by schooling but by experience.

Neyn'ite Te Tsahìk Txeptsyìp'ite:
this is a really cool idea! I'd definitely try it out if I could figure out (and obtain) the materials necessary to make a bow, as well as the arrows.

EDIT: is it okay if I post this, ma Eana? ;)

unfortunately, I'm not sure I could make one; the trees we have locally (I'm in southern Florida) are not very reliable for wood. :[

Key'ìl Nekxetse:
Interesting idea, but I don't have time or resources for anything like this right now.
Here's an interesting article on the Native American type bows:
A couple of things I noted:
"The best bow woods are Osage orange (bois d’arc), yew, and ash."
"I season my staves by storing them in the shed until spring, then bring them indoors until the wood has aged for a full year."
"Native American bowyers finished their weapons with rendered bear or deer fat, applied warm."

Neyn'ite Te Tsahìk Txeptsyìp'ite:
I wouldn't have the resources here, however, I'll be visiting Elkhart, Indiana (my hometown is Edwardsburg, Michigan, about 20 minutes north) and my dad has tools he could probably help me make a bow. :D

SOunds like a challenge!

I'm up for this.


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