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Weird lull in activity!

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Strange to see so few posts all of a sudden! I thought we had passed this.

Holidays can of course be difficult times for us all. For instance, my own internet access will be limited over the next week - plus, it is a big day next week for all UK university applicants. If I make it, then yay - if not, I'm going to Australia. Sorted! ;)

I have my Senior year of HS starting the 22nd, and I also have my 3-to-4-days-a-week job to tie in with all of that. 7 hours school, 8 hours work, 7 hours sleeping, gives me 2 hours a day to be here, when I'm working. 10 hours when I'm not. But, there's homework, which 'could' take up time.

(But if you really want to know, I did no homework at all in the past year, and passed all classes. I just told mom I finished it at school, and the only thing that showed terrible was Pre-Calculus, but it's not something that everyone would have even a B in.)

So, my life is going to be packed. Then there's work. After the school year, that is, then college, then the out-of-state move. I've got my life planned out for the next few years.

I always have this tab up, 24/7, and thought it was a little weird that everything "died" all of a sudden. :P
As for myself, I've had nothing new to say.

Key'ìl Nekxetse:
Still just about alive, I watch mostly. Lots of "stuff" to do for other things too...
Blue Moon are getting regular meetings and planning up and running again, so hopefully something will come out of that.

I'm not dead yet! ;D
I just don't have anything to say right now.


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