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Started by Aytanin Marali, September 25, 2012, 08:14:07 PM

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Aytanin Marali

Kaltxì!  I'm in the Sacramento area but I noticed a few people on here from around Sac.  I was thinking of planning a meet up in my area.  I have my own apartment so if we wanted to watch Avatar here we could or we could meet up somewhere else.  I live in Orangevale. I was hoping I could meet some new Na'vi-hearted friends because everyone I know is obsessed with Star Wars.  Also, I'm trying to learn the language but it would help if I could hear it spoken and have some things explained.  I was hoping there might be some people interested in teaching me a thing or two while they're down here just because I'm learning this all on my own and I don't want to sound like a total skxawng, mispronouncing everything and stuff.  I have like, zero confidence lol.  Learning a new language is difficult and it's my second language.  Took some German in high school but Na'vi is much harder.  
Anyway, I was told to try posting here to see if anyone would be interested. Also on another note, I would be interested in meeting up in Santa Cruz as well because my grandma has a place there where I could stay so that would be cool.  We could go to the boardwalk!
Anyways, if anyone is interested in a meet up near Sacramento, let me know.  I posted a thread about it.  One person from Reno is so far but it would be fun to get a group together.  I was thinking sometime in November, maybe December?  If anyone is interested let me know and we'll pick a date and a place to hang out.  Hope to hear from you soon.  Eywa ngahu!

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Went  Clicked on vocabulary.  Typed moron in search box to learn how to spell skxawng.  Found two Na'vi words for moron.  Life complete.  ;D