Kaltxi, any speakers in Las Vegas NV?

Started by Valkyr, June 09, 2014, 08:41:48 AM

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Looking to seriously start learning and it would be really great to have someone to learn with.


Kaltxì ma Valkyr,

Afraid I'm not exactly in Las Vegas, however, to help you get started have you tried Karyu Pawl's (Dr Paul Frommer's) Na'vi blog?  It is http://naviteri.org/  On there you will find quite a bit of resourse to help get you started including Na'vi class 101 and 102 videos that Pawl conducted at the last two AvatarMeets.  They can be found here: http://naviteri.org/category/navi-101/

Hope you find someone in Las Vegas to learn with.  In the meantime welcome to LearnNa'vi.  Hope you enjoy your stay. :)

Eywa ngahu,



thank you for the links, I'll be putting those to some use :)


No worries.  I guess you probably worked out I was in the UK  ;D



Yeah just took me a minute to look under your name lol. thanks again mate.

`Eylan Ayfalulukanä

Currently, there are no active speakers we know about in the 'Vegas area. DJ Makto occasionally spends some time in 'Vegas. He will also be at the meetup in a few weeks.

So, that makes me the closest active speaker, at least in Nevada. I am up in Reno. Because we are in the same time zone, arranging some Skype time, etc. is not out of the question. My biggest problem is being very busy. For me, late evenings probably works the best.

I also get down into the 'Vegas area several times a year. If you remain active, perhaps we can meet up. There is sometimes a mini meetup in Las Vegas around the time of the NAB show.

Yawey ngahu!
pamrel si ro [email protected]