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Started by Dragon, November 15, 2013, 11:27:38 AM

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Anyone live in Sun Valley Nevada

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I need help Learning Na'Vi. Will anyone help. Send me a Message or something  :P :-[ :-X :-\ 8) >:( ;D :D ;) :)


Kaltxì ma tsmuk,

I don't know if you got a message from anyone, but if it helps there are a load of Na'vi lesson videos given by Karyu Pawl.  They was taken at the last two AvatarMeets and are called class 101 and 102.  Each class is split up into shorter mini videos covering topics and are about 10 to 15 minutes long.  You can view them on LearnNa'vi's YouTube channel or visit Karyu Pawl's blog,, where there is additional support material.  Hope that helps.  Just wish I had more time to learn Na'vi...

Eywa ngahu,


Celtic Warrior Witch

 :) I, too,am trying to learn Na'vi. Perhaps we can learn,study, and Practice Together?


Kaltxì Celtic Warrior,

I don't know if Dragon has been back since late 2013.  It's all a bit quiet at the moment.  Hopefully the training material will be of help.  There maybe others around who can help you practice?


stxong kameyu

I myself am learning, recently a member pointed me to PDF files and downloaded them. I'm looking at the Na'Vi class 101 with flyer in hand, so fun to go along in class as I was there. Anyway, I also have no one to speak with in Na'Vi. Hope all goes well to all who are in same boat as I.
Be Safe and Be Well on your journey.