Anyone in Chicago?

Started by txur txe'lante, January 31, 2010, 09:57:28 AM

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txur txe'lante

Anyone live in the Chicago Area? or around it?


My hometown is in Northwest Indiana, and I usually visit the area once or twice a month, as well as for vacations and stuff.
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txur txe'lante

txe'lan tírol

I live in the northwest suburbs (woodfield area).  We should arrange a day to meet up and discuss all things Na'vi.  Does anyone have any ideas on when and where to meet?

txur txe'lante

hey guys sorry I have not been on in a long time! please send me a message and we should stay in touch


txe'lan tírol

I haven't been on in a while myself, been on ts and facebook though.  We should meet up some time soon. I am in the northwest suburbs and don't mind driving for a little bit (resonable) I also travel down to joliet on the weekends, so I might be able to meet up out that way or along the way home after work.  I can also be contacted by email at [email protected]!


I'm in the way out suburbs (if anyone's ever heard of Crystal Lake area), and would love to meet up.  :D


This thread is almost 5 years old. I would suggest to start a new topic to get more attention. :)

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