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Toruk Makto:
S.Houston/NASA area here!

We also have a cabin in Jasper, Colorado, up in the Rio Grande Nat'l Forest that's my own personal Pandora.

Mawey Seze:
I live in College Station, it'd be cool to find a few more Texas people and meet up some time

Toruk Makto:
You should consider dropping in on the Sherwood Forest Renfaire that will be starting it's first year in Paige, Tx.   I will be doing fireworks there.  Would be a good place for Texas Na'vi to meet up!  We will have a drum circle with drummers that know how to reach the soul.

round rock, austin area here.

Bastrop Austin and Cedar Creek area for me, it's not hard for me to get into Austin, so we should definatly have a meet up because i'm horrible with Na'Vi, the only things i know is from the Simple Phrases megathread, only the correct ones anyway. and of course greetings.
Kaltxi, ngaru lu fpom srak.
(I don't have access to changing the letters at my disposal, so sorry for INCORRECT spelling.)


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