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Or the dictionary http://eanaeltu.learnnavi.org/dicts/NaviDictionary.pdf  :)

I think this thread will have an update soon. :-\

Well I can give it another try :)  but Oel lu skxawng  ;D

uniltiranyu aean:
kaltxì ma Erimeyz.
First irayo for your post. Its reeeally helpful.
But i have some questions:
ayoeng - we
awnga - we
fo - they
ayfo - they
why there are two kind of we/they? do they have diffrents?

when Im using he, she, it do i have to use the po oder poan/poe? Rules???
po - he, she, it
poan - he
poe - she

I begin to learn Na'vi so I'm a skxawng...(because of this..questions ;D)

Irayo ulte eywa ngahu

Eana Unil:
Kaltxì ma uniltiranyu aean :)

fo is the same as ayfo, the plural of po (lenition), fo just dropped the ay-. (ay)fo. they.

ayoeng... ay-oe-ng(a) ... awnga is the shortened form of ayoeng. so they also both mean the same :)

I'd use poe if it matters if it's a she i'm talking about, same with poan, otherwise I'd just go with po.

Hope this helps. :3

And don't worry, everyone started learning at least once, haha, I'm learning again since I paused for some months (again.... bummer), unfortunately. Ngari txe'lan mawey livu :)

This what Eana Unil wrote.
Also, the answer of your question could be found here. ;)
The Pronoun Guide

There is also a pronoun guide in German:

Ninja'd! ;D

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