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uniltiranyu aean:
irayo ma Eana Unil ulte Tîtsewan


--- Quote from: uniltiranyu aean on April 08, 2015, 04:19:50 am ---irayo ma Eana Unil ulte Tîtsewan
--- End quote ---

In this instance, I’d use sì for enumeration; ulte is to connect clauses.
You will have a number of these words where there is one meaning in English and more than one word in Na’vi to cover different ranges of meaning. You’ll get the hang of it ;)

If you want to practice a bit or have questions that you want to ask voice-to-voice, there is a German study group taking place every Monday 7.30 P.M. German time on TeamSpeak. You can stop by if you want. ;)


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