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"I hurt my hip" ??


"I hurt my hip"
"Oel Skxir si oeyä 'llgnoti."

I would say:
Oeyä 'llngotìri oe skxir si.

Oeri ’llngor(u) skxir s(ol)i. (’llngo = hip, with the si verb the affected object gets the R ending ≈ ’llongor or ’llngoru)
‘I wound(ed) (my) hip.’

Depending on whether it happened in the past or is happening now, other infixes in si could apply of course.

Oeri tìsraw seyk(ol)i ’llngoti.
‘I hurt my hip.’ (lit.: I caused my hip to be hurt/painful)

It is more idiomatic to use the topic marker (-(ì)ri) with inalienable possessions like body parts, meaning that it cannot be taken away from you. And that way you only need to use oe once. It stands in for I (hurt it) as well es my (hip).


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