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Sivako- "Rise to the Challenge" Does this phrase actually exist anywhere outside of Mo'ara Valley, Pandora, Disney's Animal Kingdom?

I know about "sa" which is "rise to a challenge"...but sivako?

Just curious.

Tirea Aean:
It's two words:

Siva (a form of the verb sa)

But for whatever reason Disney just felt like forgetting the space between the words. And so today, "Siva ko" and "Sivako" are both acceptable and equal.

This word, I noticed it only in connection with Mo'ara Valley.

Tirea Aean:
It was never in the film. Sa seems to have been created for that purpose though I can't confirm that. Source is:
http://naviteri.org/2016/06/mrrvola-lifyavi-amip-forty-new-expressions/ (30 Jun 2016)

Yeah, I never noticed it in the film too. Maybe you are right, irayo for that link :)


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