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zampxevol or zapevol?


Kaltxì ma frapo,

I need your learned wisdom. I set myself the task of counting to 100 in Na'vi, and hit a stumbling block at 88. The word I thought it should be didn't match what dict-navi.org says it is.

For context, 88 works out to zam + 3vol in octal. According to dict-navi.org, it is zampxevol.

So I have questions.

Zam + vol becomes zavol, according to Dr. Frommer's navi number table word document. It goes zavolaw, zavolmun etc.

According to Horen Lì’fyayä leNa’vi, ,

"the final -m in the zam, vozam, and zazam forms is dropped before all of the forms
except “one,” zamaw, but zamun, zapey, etc"

So I think it should be zapxevol, not zampxevol.

Which leads me to the ejective. Dr. Frommer's number table says lenition is "pervasive" through the number system. So I think the prefix za should trigger lenition, making it zapevol.

Is Dict-Navi incorrect? Or am I missing something?

Sorry to bring such minutiae onto the table but I want to be sure I understand correctly.

I think, it should be zapevol when I check the number for 6710 (1038) zapey or 1110 (138) vopey.

Right? Glad to know I'm not the only one who thinks that makes the most sense.


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