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Kaltxì, ma frapo!

I just noticed that the word "finally" (as in "I finally managed to do <whatever>" or just "Ah, finally!") isn't listed yet, so I hereby declare it requested.

I used nì'i'a for that ... but that's perhaps more in the sense "finally, I managed to do that" - which has a different connotation for me...


'eylan na'viyä:
i think nì'i'a doesn't necessarily carry the meaning that you were waiting for it.
Although its the same in german ("endlich") its an idiom in my opinion. and we should try to avoid them like the plague, so i think we need the word.

but it would be interesting to know how this works in other languages.

Yes, of course you're right about the danger of idiomatic expressions and I'm all for it to avoid them. But if we can attach nì- to pronouns (nìaynga) and verbs (nìsìlpey) I thought this was doable...

Irish deals with 'finally':
faoi dheireadh ('under the ending')
i ndeireadh na dála ('in the end of the situation/condition')
ar deireadh ('on ending')

I am embarrassed to say I missed this in the big rush for the A+B list.  Added now.


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