My long txìm list (done editing)

Started by Ftiafpi, March 09, 2010, 10:53:45 AM

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I'm going through the movie in my head/using the released scriptment thinking up common words from it that we don't have with the ultimate goal of eventually having the movie translated into Na'vi. I'm just going to write all the things I came up with here first then I'll organize them by priority and by topic.

EDIT: I've finished going through the movie and I've left out a lot of things that I figured could be borrowed words or said in a different way using existing words. I'm going to start organizing these now and adding them to existing lists.

EDIT AGAIN: All done, feel free to add these. I'll start a new topic if I come up with more words.

The physical
Network of Pandora - Noun - A word that describes connection between plants on Pandora that forms the being Eywa.
(Outer) Space
Gravity - Noun - Low gravity
Mountain - Noun
Energy - Noun - Energy of all living things.
Wood - Noun - Wood from this tree.

Mate - Noun - This is my mate.

Pro-lemurs - Noun

The body
Piss/Urinate - Verb (maybe not something we should ask for ;))
Numb - Adjective - "my hand went numb"
Dexterity/"eye hand coordination"
Reflex - Noun - I have fast reflexes.
Dizzy - Adjective - I'm dizzy.

Food and drink
Meat - Noun

Clothing and grooming
Mask - Noun - Put your mask back on.
Put on/Don/Wear - Verb - I put on my robe and wizard hat.

The house

Agriculture and vegetation

Basic actions and technology
Provide - Verb - Eywa will provide.
Beg - Verb - I beg you.
Translate - Verb - Translate this.
Permit - Verb - If you'll permit me...
Find - Verb - Find this for me.
Fail (a test) - Verb
Finish - Verb
Cripple - Verb
Get - Verb
Talk - Verb
Mess Up - Verb - The act of ruining a planned action or device.
Borrow - Verb - "Can I borrow that bow"
Take apart - If you take that apart...
Lock/Secure - Verb
Cross/Pass Over - Verb - We crossed over that stream.
Free - Verb - Free them.
Wheel - Noun
Neglect - Verb
Taunt - Verb
Waste - Verb
Support - Verb - These columns support the tree.

Forward - Direction
Bank - Verb - "Bank left!"
"Level out"

Pack - Noun - A pack of tools.

Spatial relations
Backwards/Wrong Order - Adjective - Or perhaps just a word for "wrong".
Sequence - Noun - This sequence of events.
Whole - Adjective

Link - Verb - Link these two together.
Next - The next one...
Measure - Verb

Unique - This is unique.
Twin - Adjective - My twin brother.


Sense perception
Nausea   - If you feel nausea.

Emotions and values
Anger - Noun
Resolve - Noun - This tests my resolve.
Serious - Adjective - I'm serious here.

Fact - Noun
Idea/Concept - Noun

Speech and language
Hole - Noun
Fine - Adjective
"What the hell"
"Hey" - Interjection
Whatever - Pronoun - I'll eat whatever you get.
Biggest (and other superlatives)
"hang on"
Complicated - It's complicated.
Lost - Adjective - I'm lost.
Approve - Verb - I approve of this.

Social and political relations
Humane - How inhuman!
Sir/Madam - Yes sir!
Reward - Verb
"Step Into"/Take on the roll of - Verb
Invest - Verb   - We've invested a lot of time into this.
Respect - Verb - I respect you.
Native - Noun - I'm native to this planet.
Cost - Verb - That cost me dearly.
Legend - Noun - Legends say.
Savage - Noun - Those savages...

Warfare and hunting   
Defense - Noun - They've broken through our defenses.
Perimeter - Noun - They've broken through our perimeter.


Religion and belief
"oh my god" - Phrase

Modern world

Miscellaneous function words
Affix for "ex-" (IE: ex-marine)

Unsorted Words

Wound/Injury - Noun
Trust - Verb
Operation/Task - Noun
Head (probably already mentioned) - Noun
Sit (probably already mentioned)
Skill - Noun
Blind - Adjective
Scratch - Verb
Fix/Repair - Verb
Scare - Verb
Enemy - Noun
Root - Noun
Family - Noun
Guess - Verb
Float - Verb
Face - Noun (probably already mentioned)
Tough - Adjective
Flow - Verb
Joke - Verb
Emotion - Noun
Remember - Verb
Mission - Noun
Ceremony - Noun
Blade - Noun
Forget - Verb
Order/Command - Verb
Survive - Verb
Paint - Noun
Breath - Noun

Other things I thought of along the way:
Mouth - Noun
Shadow - Noun

Alìm Tsamsiyu

Quote from: Ftiafpi on March 09, 2010, 10:53:45 AM
Is that "woond" (as in, injury) or "wownd" (as in, wound up, wound around, past-tense of wind [w-eye-nd])

Quote from: Ftiafpi on March 09, 2010, 10:53:45 AM
I think that can probably be rolled up into my "Due/Just Desserts/Comeuppance" suggestion here.

Quote from: Ftiafpi on March 09, 2010, 10:53:45 AM
High cost
I think "Cost" alone is a word we need... High cost could just be "great cost."
Even without a monetary system the Na'vi should understand cost (doesn't Neytìri even say "cost" at some point?).

Quote from: Ftiafpi on March 09, 2010, 10:53:45 AM
Piss (maybe not)
Maybe so. As immature as it may sound, the Na'vi most definitely would and should have a word for all those things that make you go "tee hee hee."

(Note: I realize the Na'vi may have different bodily functions than Earth mammals and such, but there is likely some roughly equivalent waste disposal system that could be what is described in the following words):

Poop, the act of pooping, urine, urinating, etc.

Quote from: Ftiafpi on March 09, 2010, 10:53:45 AM
Most DEFINITELY.  Label this one in bright Green [A] Rank.

Quote from: Ftiafpi on March 09, 2010, 10:53:45 AM
Keftue might work... (/me thinks back to the "power tools" arguments in the sticky thread)... but I wouldn't mind seeing a word for this (since they do have a word for "easy")
Oeyä ayswizawri tswayon alìm ulte takuk nìngay.
My arrows fly far and strike true.


Finally got this finished, I'm gonna sort them by topic and start adding them into their appropriate places.


There, sorted, colored, etc.

If something isn't clear I can elaborate.


filtered new suggestions from already existing ones
some good findings! (energy, wood, beg, ...)